Virgin coconuts oil prevent hipertension disease


The night is very fearful for Desi Baeddiana. Not because of the rapid of rain or voice thunder thundering in Bogor town oh Indonesia. But the obstetrician which is, Dr. Namrah sanin, in satria clinic Bogor. Give an advice ‘If your blood pressure fixed high like this, 170/100, your child can be die poisoned. If born possibly handicap that will be for a lifetime,” say Desi imitate the doctor utterance.
This is new first time happened. Pregnant time before, is never like this. “Normal permanent blood pressure 120/70,” say mother of 5 sons. According to desi since obstetrical age 1-7 month, she doesn’t experience health trouble. She is routine do health check for once in 2 week. Confused symptom, tense nape, and stiff of high bloods forerunners even also not experienced.
But, since obstetrical age in 8 month, happened boated in both foot/feet back. Feel the pain in bone not only she feels in foot/feet. Convulsively in buckling and stiff goes to the body. “All articulation feels pain also. Body tired quickly,” she said. Not only physical trouble, the emotion is also easy to explode. Sometimes she is angry to the children and husband without any reason.
So, one day she visits the colleague, Ati Suprobowati Suratman which has ovary cyst of stadium 4 in, Salak Hospital, Bogor. In there, she saw the VCO bottles which often drink by ati. “This is good also for high blood. Just try,” Dr. Joko Sulistyo (husband ati) said.
She even also follows Dr. Joko Sulistyo’s suggestion. Desi routine consumes VCO twice per day, each 1 tablespoon after sahur and broke fast. He also multiplies to eat fruits and vegetables. Flesh, Fatty food, and suitable lessened salt of doctor guide. After one week he drinks Virgin Coconut Oil condensation start to take place recovery. Foot/feet bloated started to minimize slowly. “Body becomes fit. Not be easy to get tired. Sleep even also well-sleep,” she said.
The time when holiday of idul fitri, she increase consumption virgin coconuts oil become thrice one day; morning, noon, and night. Two week then Desi checks her obstetrical condition to the midwife, number of tens meter shows 130/90. “Wow, this is excellent. Your blood pressure has gone down,” desi says imitate midwife utterance serving desi. The utterance makes spirit of life for women who birth in Surabaya 1966 return to shine. The Section, he can bear normally without having to spend expense of Rp. 3 million – 4 million for operation Caesar. Date of 23 Accurate December 2004, 3 day before tsunami disaster befall Aceh, Raihan Herdian, The 5th son born healthy and is normal, with raihans body weight equal to 3.1 Kg. After some day after raihan borned, blood tension re- normal become 120/70. It is not strange consumption VCO already continued until now