Free your Body from Toxins with Virgin Coconut Oil

Pollutions, harmful chemicals, disease-causing germs and bacteria…all these unsafe elements penetrate our body without our knowledge. Excessive build up of these toxins inside the body results in many diseases. Virgin coconut oil is a good detoxifier that can keep you clean inside and out.

The Key to Total Wellness

An average person throws away 4 to 5 pounds of garbage a day. Imagine what will happen if garbage collectors fail to collect all our trash. Bad smells, tons of litter, spread of various illnesses, and overall disorder is sure to arise. The same phenomenon occurs in the human body. To cure yourself of sickness and to achieve perfect health, your first goal should be to eliminate these wastes.

The Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) in VCO is antibacterial so it kills germs and bacteria that produce toxins in the body. Even the proliferation of harmful toxin like aflatoxin is stopped by the action of MCFA.
Virgin coconut oil also improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. This makes the body‘s defense against poisonous substances stronger. An increase in metabolism also means an improvement in the body’s mechanism for eliminating wastes.

Toxins also produce free radicals which is the cause of various illnesses. Virgin Coconut Oil is chemically stable so it acts as an antioxidant that combats free radicals.
Taking 3 tablespoons of VCO a day and a health lifestyle has wonderful cleansing effect that will benefit your body in countless ways.

(from : http://www.thevirgincoconutoil.com/)