The Consumption Long Term Impact Of VCO in The Body

Relieve breathing– dilute phlegm and clean the respiratory tract and throat.
 Ease defecation and urination – overcome constipation & uncomfortable urination no comfortable and remove toxin through excrement.
Increase the metabolism rate on the whole body cells– Virgin coconut oil will be diffused on as the energy component inside the body – your body will consider stronger.
In the ileum and colon, it destructs the spoilage organism like viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoan (worm). The digestion will achieve the maximum level.
Reduce the condition when easily hungry – when digestion achieves the maximum level, the body will gain more nutrition and energy. 
Therefore body weight controlled – don't need to eat much and often.
Reduce body fat – the body weight decreases according to the suitability of the person's body.
Not easily infected by diseases – with the strengthening of the body immunity system.
Reduce the stickiness of the blood platelet – the stickiness of the platelet is the contributing factor of the plaque formation in the blood vessel.
Reduce the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure – avoid the formation of plaque in the blood vessel especially the blood vessel to the heart.
Speed up the process of repairing the damaged cells – restore the  flexibility, tenderness and fineness of skin.

Reduce the cholesterol level – it does not contain cholesterol. Therefore it is the best alternative for other oils that have  high cholesterol level.

Control diabetes - the pancreas is more efficient to secrete insulin while the cell work more efficient to diffuse the needed sugar.

Overcome degenerative disease and old age problem - the natural anti oxidant in virgin coconut oil is the free radical formation obstructer.

 Not increase the stickiness level of platelet in the blood – overcome plaque formation in the vessel which is the factor of heart attack.

The body is more resistant to diseases because VCO has  anti virus, anti bacteria, anti fungus and anti protozoan agents. 

Restore the flexibility, softness of skin – it speeds up the process of building new cells, besides protects from ultra violet radiation.

Stimulate new hair growth and guard against dandruff –the hair cell will gain adequate energy and nutrients for maximum growth.

Prevent from allergy – virgin coconut oil acts as anti histamine agent.

 Prevent the risk of cancer disease – virgin coconut oil destructs the presence of any pathogen. Therefore leucocytes can act  maximally to destroy the cancer cells, because the leucocytes not capable to attack the pathogen organisms.

 Overcome snoring – because the respiratory tract and uvula will be flexible and elastic due to the existence of new cells.